How to Weigh and Measure Your Parcel

As a leading parcel delivery comparison site, we specialise in saving you time and money when sourcing courier quotes. Our work with reputable delivery companies means you have access to the cheapest and fastest postage options around, and the process all begins with our quick quote tool.

It’s so easy to get started. Whether you’re an individual sending a one-off parcel to a UK, European or overseas destination, or a business that’s continuously sending goods all over the world, we’ve got you covered.

All we need is your collection address, delivery address, and parcel weight and size to reveal a service that suits your requirements and your budget. But why is the parcel’s dimensions and weight so important? Here we answer that all-important question as well as reveal how to weigh and measure your parcel like a pro.

Why do you need the weight and measurements of my parcel?

The weight and size of your parcel is integral to pinpointing the most accurate postage costs and reliable courier service for your needs.

All our couriers use the parcel’s weight and size (along with its delivery destination) to determine the price of postage and the parcel delivery service that’s the best fit. By entering your measurements and weight into the courier quote tool, we can calculate the volumetric weight and bulkiness of the item you are looking to send with ease. From here, we can provide a list of precise quotations that can be sorted by price, speed and courier.

Is my parcel too big or too heavy to be sent via courier?

We’ve collaborated with several couriers, including Hermes, DPD, TNT, UPS, FedEx, DHL and TG Express, so you can benefit from a full range of competitively priced postal services. Each courier does have its size and weight limits. Thanks to our huge choice of courier partners however, you’ll always find a delivery option that works for your parcel, no matter how big or heavy it is.

Find further information on our parcel weight and size limits.

How do I measure and weigh my parcel accurately?

Before you can use our service, you’ll need to record the size and weight of your parcel. Make sure your parcel is in its packaging first and fully prepared for its collection and delivery. It should also be sealed for measuring and weighing to ensure a precise result.

Use digital scales to weigh your parcel in kilograms (kg). Now measure the length, width and height of the box in centimetres. If your item is irregularly shaped, always take your measurements from the furthest point when recording the length, width and height.

To ensure additional postage costs are not incurred, measure and weigh your parcel as accurately as you can. Your parcel will be weighed and measured by the courier after it has been collected or dropped off for delivery. If it is larger or weighs more than initially stated, you will be charged for the excess.

For extra peace of mind when weighing and measuring, record evidence of your measurements by photographing your sealed parcel next to the measuring tape and on the weighing scales.

I have my parcel weight and measurements, what’s next?

After you’ve weighed and measured your items, head straight to our quick quote tool. Enter your parcel’s dimensions (its width, length and height in cm) and weight (in kg) along with your collection address and delivery destination. Hit the ‘Get Quote’ button to reveal the best and cheapest courier services.

With EasyCargo, you can ship anywhere in the world, with some 220 countries all accessible via our reputable couriers. All deliveries are fully tracked and fully insured with free £50 parcel protection included as standard. You can book a collection or drop-off your parcel at a nearby parcel shop or locker at a time that’s convenient for you.

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