Your Guide to Parcel Weight and Size Limits

Our parcel delivery comparison site offers an easy route to the best courier services around, whether you’re looking for the cheapest or fastest way of getting your parcel to its final destination.

Here at EasyCargo, we specialise in the collection and delivery of all types of items, including documents, parcels, high value and niche goods, and pallets. Our partnership with the world’s most reputable couriers means we can provide a delivery service that suits your sending requirements, whatever the size or weight of your parcel.

In this essential guide, we take a closer look at the parcel weight and size limits that apply to our courier services, and how we use them to help you find the most competitively priced courier services for your needs and budget.

How is weight and size used in EasyCargo’s pricing?

Our quick quote tool is super easy to use, that’s why we’re one of the leading parcel delivery comparison sites out there. All we need is a few details to give you access to the courier quotes that will get your parcel moving – this includes your collection address, delivery address and the parcel’s dimensions and weight.

Logistics companies, including our couriers, use the volumetric weight of a parcel to determine just how bulky it is and what the cost would be to deliver it to its destination. The address the parcel is travelling from and the destination it’s travelling to will also influence your quote.

We work with a handpicked selection of couriers to ensure you always receive the best value and the best service from our parcel delivery comparison site. Our partnerships with Hermes, DPD, TNT, UPS, FedEx, DHL and TG Express mean the cheapest parcel delivery options are at your fingertips, and we use the weight and dimensions of your parcel to provide the most accurate quote for your requirements.

What parcel weight and size limits apply?

Each courier has their own parcel weight and size limits. Hermes for example is known for the collection and delivery of small to medium sized packages, which makes it the ideal service for parcels weighing 5 or 10kg.

Hermes’ maximum parcel weight is actually 15kg, which means this particular courier will not be able to collect, transport and deliver large or heavy parcels. The length of parcels is also restricted by Hermes, with only parcels measuring no more than 1.2 metres currently accepted.

With our parcel delivery comparison site, we narrow down the courier services that will cater to your specific parcel dimensions and weight so you don’t have to.

I have a heavy parcel, which courier is right for me?

Hermes is just one of the well-known couriers that we work with here at EasyCargo. All sizes, shapes and weights of packages can be catered for via our parcel delivery services thanks to our extensive courier base. Those with parcels that exceed Hermes’ 15kg weight limit will find more suitable delivery options via our other couriers as well as reveal the best price for their specific parcel size and weight.

DHL is a great courier for customers sending heavier parcels. This particular courier provides next day delivery options for 20kg parcels at great prices as well as convenient courier collection from your home or workplace.

Selected EasyCargo couriers, including DPD and DHL, specialise in long parcel delivery with packages measuring 1 metre or more easily and affordably transported throughout the UK and worldwide.

Do you collect and deliver pallets?

If you are looking to send an even heavier or larger parcel, our pallet delivery services may be a great fit for you. Whether you’re sending items in bulk or shipping larger goods that makes palletisation the perfect solution, the sea and air freight shipments supplied by our courier TG Express come highly recommended.

TG Express (also known as Transglobal Express) offers cost effective and efficient pallet delivery throughout the UK and the rest of the world. Choose from premium or economy delivery to ship quarter, half and full pallets to a destination of your choice.

The pallet delivery options provided by TG Express make shipments weighing up to 1,200kg and measuring 120 x 120 x 220cm possible.

I want to send a heavy parcel overseas, what are my options?

Thanks to our extensive road, rail, air and sea freight networks, our couriers offer a number of delivery options for parcels weighing up to 40kg, or even more thanks to our pallet delivery service. Fully tracked and affordable, you can access a long list of overseas destinations.

Use our quick quote tool to find the best courier for your parcel weight and size.

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