Preparing Your Parcel for Collection and Delivery

When it comes to sending a parcel quickly and affordably to a UK, European or worldwide destination, EasyCargo has you covered.

Our parcel delivery price comparison site provides a speedy and simple way to compare postage rates for a wide range of reputable couriers, including Hermes, DPD, TNT, UPS, FedEx, DHL and TG Express. With a selection of features (such as free £50 parcel protection) coming as standard, and a whole heap of optional extras, you can personalise your UK and international parcel delivery further.

Our service takes the hard work out of finding the best rates for parcel delivery, but once you’ve booked your collection and delivery with us in just a few clicks, what’s next?

Whether you’re sending a document, parcel or pallet via one of our reliable couriers, it’s your responsibility to ensure it’s ready for collection and delivery. Here our experts share their top tips for preparing your parcel for courier collection and delivery…

Choose good quality packaging

When preparing your parcel for collection and delivery, it’s all in the packaging. Whether your parcel is winging its way to the other side of the world or to a local address, you want to make sure that the contents within are safe and secure.

Always choose good quality packaging for your item. Larger items can be packed in boxes that have been reinforced with corrugated cardboard for example, whilst high value items will benefit from the added layer of protection that comes with heavy duty, double thickness board.

Where possible, purchase your packaging in person so you can observe its strength, cushioning and durability before you buy. We’d also encourage the re-use of boxes, just make sure they’re in great shape.

Be picky about size too

The size of your packaging is another consideration. Choose packaging that’s too big and the item rattling around inside will easily become damaged. Packaging that’s too small can easily burst, leaving the contents exposed to all manner of potential hazard.

If you can’t find the right size packaging for your item, going for a box that is too big rather than too small is preferable. Any space around the item can be filled with polystyrene chips or shredded paper to provide extra padding and protection.

Fragile, delicate or high value items should also be cushioned with a suitable filler. Place filler all around the object, positioning the item in the centre of the package to ensure maximum protection and minimal risk of damage.

Seal for extra security

When shopping for your packing supplies, don’t forget to add strong tape to your list of essentials. Strong tape is invaluable when preparing any parcel for courier collection and delivery. Use it to seal and secure the box for extra peace of mind.

Label the parcel clearly and correctly

The labelling of the parcel should be an important part of your preparations. As couriers use scanners to read your printed labels ensuring they can be read clearly is vital. Keep the label and any barcodes that are included fully visible.

The label should be securely attached to the parcel. Use strong, clear tape to ensure the label is affixed and easy to read. If you are reusing an old box, remove any old labels before adding your new postage information.

Placing your shipping label in a waterproof wallet is another top tip for preparing your parcel like a pro. Avoid using shiny, black wrapping to package your parcel too as this can prevent the couriers’ scanners from reading labels effectively.

A word about preparing documents

Our parcel delivery price comparison site doesn’t just give you the best value and service for UK and international postage. We specialise in the safe and secure delivery of a range of items, including important documents.

Our document delivery service is a great way to get critical paperwork from A to B. But it is important to remember that documents require care and attention when preparing them for courier collection and delivery too.

A thick or hard backed envelope is an excellent investment for customers sending important documents via our courier services. By investing in good quality supplies, you can prevent your document from being read through the packaging or bent and damaged during transit. If you’re sending your document (or documents) in a box, use bubble wrap and internal fillers to provide the extra cushioning needed to keep your document safe and secure.

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