Pallet Delivery

Customers looking to transport bulk goods or larger volumes of packaged items will want to explore our pallet delivery option.

Pallets have long been used as bases for goods and materials, providing an efficient way to store, handle and transport items of all types. Pallet delivery is particularly cost effective, with the bulk transport of items often considered the cheapest and most secure delivery option, especially if goods are too large to send as parcels.

Here at EasyCargo, we provide instant online quotes for pallet delivery and collection. We offer a worldwide pallet delivery service, so whether you’re looking to send your pallet to a destination in the UK, Europe or worldwide, we’ve got you covered.

Our parcel delivery options provide speed and a great price point. We supply collection and delivery services for mini quarter (up to 150kg), quarter (up to 250kg), half (up to 500kg), light (up to 750kg) and full (up to 1,000kg) pallets thanks to our collaboration with pallet delivery specialists.

The pallet delivery services offered via EasyCargo’s quick quote tool are ideal for small and large businesses. They’re great options for securing and transporting large and heavy items as well as bulk goods that can be shipped together.

Pallet delivery provides great protection for the items inside, with the pallet itself providing a sturdy and stable base. Our pallet couriers can transport your pallet by air or sea to unlock the best value for your bulk delivery. Our couriers have hundreds of depots around the world to guarantee safe transit from your collection address to its final destination.

The pallet delivery we provide is fully trackable too, so you can monitor the progress of your pallet every step of the way.

Please note, as the sender, you must supply your own pallet and wrapping. You are also responsible for the preparation of the pallet to ensure it can be safely and securely shipped.

Send a pallet via EasyCargo by entering your details into our quick quote tool.

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