Prohibited and Restricted Goods

Whilst we specialise in making international and domestic delivery as quick and simple as it should be, there are several items that our trusted couriers can’t ship.

The exact list of prohibited and restricted goods varies from courier to courier. We collaborate with a selection of the world’s best and most affordable couriers – including Hermes, DPD, TNT, UPS, FedEx, DHL and TG Express - to ensure competitive rates and the fastest delivery services for your unique postage needs and budget.

Prohibited and restricted goods

The following list of prohibited goods cannot be collected, transported and delivered via our service under any circumstances, although some exceptions apply:

  • Aerosols, perfumes and aftershave – in compressed air and empty canisters
  • Airbags
  • Alcohol – selected couriers may permit the delivery of alcohol based on quantity, ABV (Alcohol by Volume), packaging and final destination. These goods may however not be insured for loss or damage
  • Animal skins, furs, parts, ivory (including ivory products) and taxidermy
  • Batteries – loose batteries of any type, including damaged, defective or those classified as ‘dangerous goods’. Lithium batteries under 100Wh and/or less than four cells may be shipped with selected couriers, although a maximum of 2 per parcel or 4 per consignment is applicable in most cases.
  • Christmas crackers or party poppers – these are restricted items that cannot be shipped outside the UK under any circumstances as a result of their explosive elements
  • Clinical and/or biological samples – this includes human tissue and/or fluids
  • Clinical testing kits – such as new or used Covid-19 testing kits
  • Compressed gases or liquids
  • Dangerous goods and hazardous materials – in accordance with current International Air Transport Association (IATA) and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) regulations across all 9 classifications
  • Electric ride-on toys - this includes hover boards, segways, scooters and skateboards
  • Firearms, ammunition and explosives - including fireworks, war materials, firearms (including imitations), firearm parts, and ammunition
  • Flammables – this includes flammable liquids and solids, such as aerosols, lighters and refills, matches (safety or otherwise), firelighters, nail varnishes and removers, paint strippers, and other solvents
  • Hazardous, toxic or poisonous goods – including radioactive materials; toxic liquids, solids or gases (such as pesticides, weed killers and poisons); infectious substances; pathogens; and corrosive materials (i.e. battery acid and drain cleaner)
  • Human or animal remains – in any form, including biological samples and ashes
  • Illegal goods – such as drugs and counterfeit products
  • Live animals or organisms
  • Magnetised materials – i.e. those with a field strength of 0.418A per metre or more at a distance of 4.6 metres from the outside of the package
  • Medical goods or equipment – including but not limited to medication, prescriptions and medical-grade technology
  • Money or currency – including bullion, precious metals, coins, stones, cash, credit cards, debit cards, personal cheques and travellers cheques
  • Offensive weapons – this includes air guns or rifles, BB guns, swords, knives and replica weapons
  • Perishable goods – including but not limited to fresh meat and dairy products, frozen or fresh food and drink, and other perishable or temperature sensitive produce
  • Plants, seeds and flowers - including real Christmas trees
  • Pornographic materials - in print, film and digital format
  • Re-used packaging with hazardous and dangerous goods labelling
  • Tobacco products - including cigarettes, pre-rolled cigarettes, loose leaf tobacco, e-cigarettes and nicotine products
  • Toner powder and cartridges – this is applicable if being transported via air
  • Waste products – including dirt, refuse, clinical waste, medical waste, used engine oil, and other environmental waste

As stated above, the couriers we entrust your parcel with have their own lists of prohibited items. These restrictions may also vary based on the parcel’s final destination.

The list of prohibited goods detailed above is not exhaustive and is for guidance only. EasyCargo is not an authority on the individual shipping terms of each of our couriers.

Zero or limited liability items

High value, fragile or niche items – including but not limited to rare collectables, antiques, bicycles, vehicle parts, jewellery, artwork, sculptures or statues, musical instrumentals, televisions and white goods – may be classed as zero or limited liability items. While not prohibited, these items may not be eligible for compensation if damaged or lost.

In instances where high value, niche or fragile items are collected and delivered, we provide up to £50 parcel protection for extra peace of mind. If the value of your high value, niche or fragile item is greater than £50, there’s an option to purchase additional transit insurance for a small fee.

Unique documentation (such as passports, birth and death certificates, financial documents, or other unique documents and certificates) and goods of personal or sentimental value are sent entirely at your own risk also.

It is important to note, that customers are responsible for packaging their own items (whether fragile or otherwise) to ensure maximum protection during transit. For further advice on packaging your item, please read our guide to preparing your parcel for collection and delivery.

Contact the EasyCargo team today

If you have any queries or concerns regarding the goods or items you’d like to ship and whether they are suitable for collection, transit and delivery, please contact our team today, stating ‘Prohibited Goods Query’ in the subject line.

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